Special Showing of Endgame at Grand


…where the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of South African Apartheid are overcome by peaceful dialogue.


TACOMA, Washington: April 5, 2011 – The Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution (PCCDR), along with Tacoma’s Grand Cinema, present the movie, “ENDGAME” (2009) directed by “Vantage Point” (2008) director, Pete Travis. The film is set in apartheid stricken South Africa in the 1980s, where legal segregation and oppression run rampant throughout the country. Michael Young (Jonny Lee Miller), public affairs head for Consolidated Gold mining company, is summoned to help create peaceful dialogue and reconciliation between President P.W Botha (Timothy West) and the African National Congress, or ANC. Attacks by the ANC increases turmoil in the country as Botha’s terrorizing and repressive power wanes. The need for resolution accelerates. In his role as facilitator, Young builds empathy and mediates the path to reconciliation, making peace more than a distant hope for both parties. The role of mediation on a global level is the real “star” of this film.

Viewing “ENDGAME” (2009) prior to the May 13th visit of Archbishop Desmond Tutu sets the stage for understanding his life and his message.

The mediators at PCCDR, along with our friends at Tacoma’s Grand Cinema, bring you “ENDGAME” (2009)…where seemingly insurmountable obstacles are overcome by peaceful dialogue.

Presented by Grand Cinema on May 6, 7, and 8, at 6:30pm


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