Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs:


The Tacoma Film Club found itself unable to have its screening of LATCHO DROM on Friday, January 20, 2012. The in climate weather, which left many of us stranded, some without power forced us to reconsider the movie showing.

But the larger issue for us was the loss of one of our most vital film club members last Wednesday. Roger Kuhrt passed away peacefully at home after spending nearly two weeks in the ICU at St. Joseph. He was a long time member, who had volunteered himself to help administer the club’s affairs, helped to provide a space for the TFC meetings, parties, and screenings, provided most of the screening equipment, and was the club projectionist for a long time. He and Farishta prepared hot meals for us prior to screening nights for over a year as well. Honoring his memory, we have decided to go dark for the rest of the month while we retool and reconfigure the logistics for both screenings and meetings.

The theatrical film for January, THE IRON LADY, only has a limited exclusive showing a the Lakewood Mall theater, and with this bad stint of weather, we realized it will be difficult for many to get out and see this movie. We had a terrific turnout last Friday, to watch LITTLE VOICE, and this demonstrates every indication of still having an active interested group of members to participate in 2012 events. But even after pushing our TFC Discussion night back a week, we feel that it would be difficult to fulfill our club mission of seeing three movies prior to discussion. So, regrettably, we are going to cancel the Discussion Night that was to be held Wednesday, January 25, 2012.

So, we are grieving for member Roger Kuhrt, trying to regain our personal balance after this bout of blizzard and ice storms, have cancelled the 1/20/12 screening of LATCHO DROM, and have cancelled the monthly TFC Discussion night for 1/25/12. We will notify everyone through our newsletter on our plans for February 2012.

Understand that we cherish each of you members and participants who have kept this Club functioning for eight years, and we will get back on track as soon as it is feasible and possible. Our fellowship may emerge even stronger secondary to this adversity.

Glenn Buttkus


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