Meek’s Cutoff

This review will be short and sweet.  “Meek’s Cutoff” is a Western film from 2010 that has no cowboys, no shootouts, or any of the other stereotypical Western-drama events.  Instead, it tells the story of a group of pioneers travelling by horse, wagon and foot to Oregon.  This particular group splintered off, apparently before the film began, from a larger group and are now lost, thanks to Meek (an almost unrecognizable Bruce Greenwood, under layers of hair and beard) — a rogue-ish adventurer-type, prone to exaggerations and tall tales — whom they hired to guide them.

Other familiar faces here include Michelle Williams (“Wendy and Lucy,” “Blue Valentine”) — she is the nominal lead here — Paul Dano (“Little Miss Sunshine,” “There Will Be Blood”), and Shirley Henderson (the Harry Potter series — what the hell is she doing here, aside from a pretty good American accent?) .

Kelly Reichardt directed.  She also directed “Wendy and Lucy,” the aforementioned Michelle Williams film, as well as “Old Joy” — a film I know some of you enjoyed.

I believe the Tacoma Film Club will love this film.  Why?  Because I hated it!  It’s slow moving — only two things of any significance happen in the entire film — and the ending is annoyingly ambiguous.  In other words, right up the TFC alley!

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5 Responses to Meek’s Cutoff

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Why not let us know how you really felt? Just kidding. What you should to though is hit the edit button and post a movie poster of the film too. Thanks for jumping on and leaving some feedback.

  2. Ron Boothe says:

    I was almost in shock as I started to read your posting. I thought this can’t be! What has happened to our dear mrwitticism? Then I got to your last line. And its not even April Fools day yet.

  3. John says:

    You expected anything less than my usual self? As Glenn said, why don’t I tell you how I *really* feel!

  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Thanks John, the poster looks good, and adds to the luster of the site.

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