Fellow Film Club Members and Movie Buffs:

Gosh, July is almost gone, our dark month, and the TFC Summer Party on July 21 was a fun time, and great success, with 30 attendees. Our theme for August, 2012 is:

“The apocalypse may soon be upon us, so perhaps we may need to pay more attention to our planet.”

Come join us this Friday, August 3, 2012, for our screenings start-up. We have chosen a very interesting documentary, REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR (2011), directed by Chris Paine. At one point he was studying to be an actor at the Neighborhood Playhouse, along with Dylan McDermott, and Allison Janney. He has been producing and directing for over 20 years. He did a series of short films for MTV/Initial Films, and he was an assistant director for Michael Tolkin on THE PLAYER and THE NEW AGE. He, also, has always been a techie, and science nerd who has started his own business MONO-TRONICS that has provided robotic materials for the Mars Pathfinder.

Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 70% of the critics liked it, and 71% of the audiences like it.

Colin Convert wrote in the MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE: If you thought you’d never mist up at a nonfiction movie about plug-in cars, think again, for this film is a surprisingly  emotional trip-a very satisfying one.


Directed by Chris Paine @ 90 minutes.

This excellent documentary is narrated by Tim Robbins, and has cameos by Danny DeVito, Jon Favreau, and Arnold Swarzenegger.

Synopsis: This is, in effect, a sequel to director Paine’s WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR (2006). In this film Paine has been allowed to film for a decade behind the closed doors of GM, Nissan, and Tesla Motors, carefully chronicling  the actual events behind this new global resurgence of electric cars.

Tagline: “It’s alive!”

It won an EMA Award for best “green” documentary.

David Robbins did the film’s musical score, and has written scores for 32 films. He, also is actor Tim Robbins brother, who narrated the film. David did scores for BOB ROBERTS (1992), DEAD MAN WALKING (1995), and CRADLE WILL ROCK (1999). 

Miles Fielder wrote for THE LIST: Here’s a rarity; an environmentally themed documentary that’s got a positive story to tell.

The cinematography for the film was done by Thaddeus Wadleigh, who has lensed 40 films, most of them documentaries like WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? (2006), and SICKO (2007).

So mark your calendars for this Friday, August 3, 2012 when the Tacoma Film Club screens Chris Paine’s documentary REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR (2011). It will be shown at 924 Broadway, in the historic Pythian Temple, at street level, across from the Theater on the Square, in the heart of Tacoma’ s Theater District. Arrive early, around 6:15 pm, and enjoy some fellowship with other movie buffs. For those who want to share, they can bring along snack foods or beverages. Several of you need to contact me so that I can give you your 2012 TFC Membership Card, the John Wayne Edition. Let’s get this month started with a bang–see you at the movies!



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