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Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs:

I hope everyone is enjoying their TFC holiday break, and that you are as excited about the Film Club holiday party as I am. It all happens this Saturday, December, 21, 2013 at 6 p.m. at the Center for Spiritual Living Church Building. Tacoma Film Club members, their guests, and anyone else interested in learning more about our group are invited to join us for a marvelous potluck meal together downstairs first, soaking up food, fellowship, & fun–and then pop upstairs a watch a real cult film from Finland, one that in just three years is rivaling all the other Christmas films considered classics. It is ironic that the Grand Cinema is re-showing this film this week as well–so be cool and catch it at CSL with us for free!

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Written & Directed by Jalmari Helander @ 84 minutes.

The film stars Jorma Tommila, Peeter Jakobi, Onni Tommila, & Tommy Korpela.


Synopsis: One recent Christmas Eve in Finland, Santa Claus is unearthed in a deep archaeological dig–soon after some children begin disappearing. A group of hunters capture Santa, and want to sell him back to the corporation who owns the site–but Santa’s elves are very determined to free their boss.

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Taglines: This holiday season the real Santa Claus is coming to town.

                This Christmas everyone will believe in Santa Claus.


Rotten Tomatoes has rated it at 89% Critics approval & 71% of Audience approval–this is an instant cult classic , a Stephen King kind of horror story, it is both creepy & funny.

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Variety reported: “It is well conceived with winking humor & with a terrific  visual style, making the film a rare treat.”


Roger Ebert wrote: “This is a rather brilliant lump of coal for your stocking, hung with care.”


Al Kratina of THE MONTREAL GAZZETE wrote: “This movie shows us that Christmas has blood-soaked roots–it’s like building a Chuck E. Cheese directly over a plague pit.”


Jay Stone of CANADA.COM wrote: “This is a darkly amusing & mildly menacing film whose chief benefit is the skewed courage with which it undermines all that is decent & heartwarming about Christmas.”


So shake the tinsel out of your britches, and mark your calendars for this Saturday, December 21, 2013, & join us for the TFC 10th Annual Holiday Party, held at 6 p.m. at the Center for Spiritual Living, located at  206 North J Street, on the corner of Division & J Streets, across from the Group Health hospital. Bring your favorite entree, salad, or dessert. The Film Club has enough paper plates & plastic-ware to serve up your goodies. Burping & laughing, we can then go upstairs into the CSL sanctuary and watch RARE EXPORTS.

Two items of business to keep in mind–we already have the TFC 2014 Membership cards made up, so anyone who would like to could pay for their club membership for 2014. Diane Jensen, & I will be collecting cash or checks, and dispensing the new cards. What would be more appropriate than buying a membership for next year as a holiday present for yourself or loved ones?

And secondly, as per our announcements previously, the TFC Producers would love more member pick film choices from everyone. In 2014 we will try to include a member pick for each month, so let’s deepen the number of choices for them. See you at the party!



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