Announcement from Director: 2014 brings changes to the Tacoma Film Club

Our new Director, Michael Kagan provides the following announcement for members and supporters of the Tacoma Film Club:
The new year of 2014 brings some changes to the Tacoma Film Club. With deep gratitude and reluctance, we accepted Glenn Buttkus’ decision to leave his position as Director after so many years in order to spend more time acting and writing poetry. Glenn was a dynamic force in this role, helping to choose and supply films each month, writing up informative descriptions of them, leading thought-provoking discussions that shed light not only on plots and characters, but also on film-making techniques. Fortunately, he will continue as a member, in addition to providing email previews of our films each month and possibly facilitating discussions according to his availability. Thank you so much, Glenn, for all you have done for and meant to this society of cinephiles! Have fun on stage!

I am flattered that Film Club members asked me to assume the role of Director, knowing how valuable Glenn has been to the Club. There is no way i can copy his efforts, so i will have to employ my own techniques in this role. More about that in the ‘second reel’ below.

Another change beginning this month is the recomposition of the Producers Committee. This small group of dedicated people has the enormous responsibility of choosing the films we see each month. It’s a difficult job to incorporate a movie showing at a local theater (preferably the Grand Cinema, but sometimes at a megaplex) along with two older movies on dvds. These usually include a ‘member pick’, and have to be available either through Netflix,, a library, or Glenn’s enormous collection. It’s hard to know when or for how long a film will be in the theater, and we do need some lead time.

Anita Reeves, who’s been with the Club for many years, with more than one stint as a Producer, is leaving the Producers due to job demands and travel. She will continue as a member and attend screenings when she’s in town. Thanks, Anita, for your resourcefulness in choosing films!

I am also leaving the Producers Committee after two years of service to devote my time to my new role as Director.

Jeff Swayze, a Producer since 2012, will continue. He has attended film school, where he watched 75 films a month. That’s a LOT of popcorn! Thus he has a broad and deep knowledge of movies, how they are made, and how they interrelate.

Edryce Reynolds is stepping up to join the Producers. Her background in psychology is sure to be a big benefit in divining themes, analyzing characters, and determining motives. As a thorough researcher, she is eager to learn more about films, and wants to bring our members some great movies.

As an extremely creative artist, Jim Robbins, an original Film Club member, brings a unique and eclectic perspective to the Committee. His recollection of movies most of us have not seen or heard of will be a tremendous opportunity for us to expand our knowledge of this phenomenal medium.

Another change for us is our newly beautified home. We moved back to the Center for Spiritual Living (on the corner of Division and ‘J’ Street near Tacoma’s Wright Park) last year. In the last few months, the kitchen and social hall have been completely remodeled, providing a wonderful gathering place for us to share snacks, wine, and conversation before we go upstairs to watch a film. Thanks to Reverend Frances and the congregation for all their hard work and vision to accomplish this face-lift.

So, what do i, in my new role of Director, anticipate for this new year? I would like to see us grow in terms of numbers of members, especially those who attend screenings and discussions, but also in diversity. Even in the darkness as we watch movies, it is evident that the Club’s cast of characters is largely composed of gray heads. We need to find ways to appeal to a more varied audience, and i would appreciate any suggestions as to how to bring this about.

Because the Grand Cinema has a mandate that includes education and community outreach, i want to work with the staff in mutually beneficial ways. When we incorporate one of their films in our monthly trio, that drives our members (and by word of mouth, their friends) to the Grand. The Grand can help publicize our Club, thus increasing our numbers. The Grand can also count on our knowledgeable members to help lead discussions of their films.

As Director, i will count on input from all of you to make our Club a ‘boffo sensation’. Please write to me at, or see me at CSL. Thank you all so much for being the reason we exist. It’s such a treat to see movies we would not have seen, to learn from each other about those creative endeavors, and to sharpen our focus on movies we see in the future. It’s great to have all of you in the Tacoma Film Club!


Michael Kagan


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