52197_galFellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs:


This month we are enjoying the theme of Grandiose Italian Cinema. Make sure you make it to the Grand Cinema to see THE GREAT BEAUTY before Thursday; they might not extend it beyond that. Last Friday, you turned out in record numbers and enjoyed the Fellini classic LA DOLCE VITA. Join the Tacoma Film Club this next Friday, 3/14/14, as we screen another Italian classic film, I AM LOVE (2009). 


It was directed by Luca Guadagnino. He is famous for several documentaries he has made. He has directed 20 films since 1997, including THE PROTAGONISTS (1999), & MELISSA P. (2005). He has been a frequent collaborator with Tilda Swinton, and he is openly gay.




Directed by Luca Guadagnino @ 120 minutes.


The film stars Tilda Swinton, Flavio Parento, Edoardo Gabbriellini, & Alba Rohrwacher.


Synopsis: Emma, a Russian, has been married to Tancredi Recchi for 20 years, is a member of a powerful industrial Milanese family, is a mother of three, and although not noticeably unhappy, she still feels oddly unfulfilled. Then she meets a friend of her son’s, a talented chef working at his restaurant. She becomes attracted to the sensuous young man, & soon embarks on a passionate affair that shakes up the entire family.


It was nominated for an Oscar (Best Costume Design), nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Foreign Film, & it did well at Sundance.

Picture 22

Said about the film: It is the best sex you will have all summer.


This lavish, sprawling drama has drawn comparisons to the films of Luchino Visconti for the grace with which it plumbs the inner workings of the Italian upper crust.”


The soundtrack uses all pre-existing compositions by Pulitzer Prize winner John Adams. Tilda Swinton claimed that the entire film was created around the pieces of Adams’ music. Adams in the past had never allowed any film to use his compositions.


The cinematography was done by Yorick Le Saux, who has lensed 41 films since 1972, including JULIA (1998), THE INVISIBLE WOMAN (2009), & ARBITAGE (2012). 

Picture 46

TRIVIA: Tilda Swinton learned both Italian & Russian for this part–neither of which she had spoken in the past. The first cut of the film left it at 210 minutes–which makes one wonder what scenes were cut. Swinton was one of the producers. She worked on developing the project for 11 years. The title is taken from a line written in the aria La Mamma Moria, that was explored by Tom Hanks, in a pivotal scene in PHILADELPHIA–which Emma is watching on TV with her husband. In America, this film only had a limited release in 2010. For the film they hunted for a villa that would be “part palace, part museum, & part prison. Many of the lavish meals in the movie were inspired by Carlo Craccio, owner of a posh restaurant in Milan.


Rotten Tomatoes rated the film at 80% Critic’s Approval & 67% Audience Approval.


Jonathan F. Richards of FILM.COM wrote: “It is sensational to look at, powerfully acted, & delivers the bang for the emotional buck.”


Ty Burr of BOSTON GLOBE wrote: “If you are in the mood, this may be the richest, tastiest truffle you’re likely to savor all summer.”


Glenn Dunks of TRESPASS wrote: “It is truly a stunning motion picture, a film at its most cinematic & grand.”


Jason Best of MOVIE TALK wrote: “Swinton is both imperious & vulnerable in this fabulous romantic melodrama that harks to the classic films of Antonioni & Visconti.”

Picture 22

Roger Ebert wrote: “Tilda Swinton is a daring actress who doesn’t portray emotions as much as embodies them. This is an ideal role for her in that her actions speak instead of  her words.”

Picture 52

So be sure to mark your calendars for this Friday, March 14, 2014, and join the Tacoma Film Club as we screen the classic Italian film I AM LOVE (2009), showing it at the Center for Spiritual Living, a church we use as headquarters, located at 206 North J Street, on the corner of Division & J Streets, across from the Group Health hospital.

Picture 46

Arrive early, around 6:15 p.m., and join other folks downstairs in the remodeled kitchen for fun & fellowship. Many bring snacks & beverages, including wine, to share with others. Please be sure to tidy up after yourselves before you come upstairs to the sanctuary to watch the movie. Remember, it is not permitted to bring any snacks or drinks into the sanctuary, as per our rental agreement. There is a Donation Box in the viewing area, and all monies collected help the Club pay the rent for the space, and pay for the rather expensive license required to screen movies for the public. Any one still interested in becoming a member of the TFC, or renewing their membership for 2014, see Diane Jenson–for just $20.00 annual fee you receive a beautiful membership card, and can attend the two Club parties we have in December & July. Thanks to all for turning off your cell phones during the screening; it is much appreciated. I AM LOVE will screen at 7:15 p.m. and it is 120 minutes in length, so it should be over before 9:30 p.m. See you at the movies!


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