Producer’s Film Picks for August 2015

The intriguing theme for this month will be “Cirque du Soleil”.



AMY (2015)

Directed by Andy Kapadia & 128 minutes.

Synopsis: This is a documentary about the life of singer Amy Winehouse, told mostly in her own words, including archival footage not seen before. Her tragic end is both heightened & enlightened by meeting the real person behind the myth.

The film stars Amy Winehouse, Yaslin Bay, Mark Ronson, & Tony Bennett.

Tagline: The girl behind the name.

Nominated for a Golden Eye this year at Cannes.




Directed by Julian Schnabel & 108 minutes.

The film stars Jeffrey Wright, David Bowie, Dennis Hopper, Benicio Del Toro, Gary Oldman, Michael Wincott, Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe, Parker Posey, Paul Batel, Courtney Love, Tatum O’Neal, & Sam Rockwell.

Synopsis: In 1981, a 19-year old graffiti artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, living in a cardboard box in the park, was “discovered” by Andy Warhol, & he became the toast of the New York Art scene–but, of course, a meteoric rise to success always comes with a heavy price tag.

This film won an Independent Spirit Award for Benicio Del Toro, and a special recognition for “Excellence” from the National Board of Review.



Directed by Elia Kazan & 126 minutes.

The film stars Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal, Anthony Franciosa, Lee Remick, & Walter Matthau.

Synopsis: This is a story of a raucous itinerant guitar picker, Dusty Rhodes, who rises from club performer to local TV host to national TV superstar & political kingmaker, who suffers an egotistical meltdown that causes his decline.

Trivia: Insiders were aware that this was the thinly veiled story of 50’s superstar Arthur Godfrey.


AMY has been playing at the Grand Cinema for over a week, & is scheduled to run this next week. It is always a good idea to get out to see the theatrical film quickly; please do so.

BASQUIAT will screen at CSL, Friday, August 7, 2015.

A FACE IN THE CROWD will screen at CSL, Friday, August 14, 2015.


The Center for Spiritual Living (CSL), is located at 206 North J Street, on the corner of Division & J Streets, across from the Group Health Hospital.

The Grand Cinema is located at 606 South Fawcett Avenue, on the corner of 6th & Fawcett, in the old Merlino Art Building.


About Glenn Buttkus

Former actor and Special Ed teacher for the blind, newly retired, spending my days struggling as poet, photographer, novelist, husband, and grandfather.
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