Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs:

The theme for this month is “A Writers Journey”, covering the lives of authors David Foster Wallace, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, & Hunter S. Thompson.


September is only a week old, & it is already walking on big wet feet. They tell us that later in the week some more nice weather will return. We are not pleased that the Grand Cinema shaved two days off the two week run of END OF THE TOUR, canceling it early. It is understandable from their perspective, but far from making our need to see it easier. But on a happier note, join the Tacoma Film Club as we screen GONZO: THE LIFE & WORK OF HUNTER S. THOMPSON (2008).


“Crazy” is a term of Art, but “Insane” is a term of Law. Remember that & you will save yourself a lot of trouble.”–Hunter S. Thompson.

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The film was written & directed by the master documentarian, Alex Gibney. He has been a successful producer/writer/director both independently & for PBS for decades, working with Martin Scorsese on THE BLUES. He won an Oscar for TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE (2008), & was nominated for another one. He has won an Emmy, & has been nominated for three more.

Alex Gibney said, “I have been spiritually lucky, & financially  unfortunate to have been a freelancer most of my life. It is not ,easy goring sacred cows.”

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He has directed 35 films, most of them documentaries, since 1980, including ENRON: THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM (2005), TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE (2008), MY TRIP TO AL-QUEDA (2010), MAGIC TRIP: KEN KESEY (2011), WE STEAL SECRETS: WIKILEAK (2013), THE ARMSTRONG LIE (2013), MR. DYNAMITE: JAMES BROWN (2013), GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY (2015), & STEVE JOBS: MAN IN THE MACHINE (2015).

In a closed society where everyone is guilty, the only crime is getting caught, & the only sin is stupidity.”–Hunter S. Thompson.



Written & Directed by Alex Gibney @ 120 minutes.

The film is narrated by Johnny Depp, with Hunter Stockton Thompson, Joe Cairo, Muhammed Ali, Sonny Barger, Warren Beatty, Jimmy Buffett, & George W. Bush.

Synopsis: This is a documentary about maverick author, Dr. Gonzo/Hunter S. Thompson, who gored sacred cows with impunity, hilarity, & a conviction for writing wrongs. The covers the gonzo years from 1965-75, & it includes heretofore unseen home movies & tapes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.50.22 PM

Trivia:  Thompson has been portrayed twice by Johnny Depp in ,FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS (1998), & THE RUM DIARY (2011), and by Bill Murray in WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM (1980)–& there is another fine documentary out there called BUY THE TICKET, TAKE THE RIDE (2007).

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.44.42 PM

Of GONZO, the NEW YORK MAGAZINE wrote: “A tender even- tempered elegy to a writer, who at his peak, could ingest staggering amounts of drugs & alcohol, & then transform, like Popeye after a can of spinach, to a super human version of himself, more trenchant & hilarious than any other political journalist before or since.”


Rotten Tomatoes rated it at 86% Critic’s Approval, & 82% Audience Approval. IMDb rated it at 7.8 stars.

Kelly Vance of the EAST BAY EXPRESS wrote: “Yes, Thompson is dead, but his skepticism survives. In the land of endless corruption, the muckraker is king.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.37.55 PM

So, mark your calendars for this Friday, September 11,2015, & join us for a screening of GONZO, shown at the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL), the church building we rent for events–located at 206 N. J Street, on the corner of Division & J Streets. Arrive early, around 6:30 pm, & join many of us downstairs for fun, fellowship, & snacks. It is permitted to bring snacks & beverages, including alcoholic ones, to share with others. Be sure to clean up after yourselves before coming upstairs to watch the movie. No food or drink is allowed in the sanctuary. There will be a Donation box near the front of the sanctuary. All donated funds go for rent of the space, & other Club expenses. GONZO: The Life & Work of Hunter S. Thompson will screen at 7:30 pm, & it runs 120 minutes. It should be over by 9:30 pm.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.02.00 PM

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See you at the movies!



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