Citizenfour screens this Friday, November 6 at 7:15pm

Come join other film buffs this Friday as we discuss this month’s theme “If The Truth Be Told”.

Our first selection this November is “Citizenfour” by former Bay Area gourmet cook Laura Poitras. A circuitous path took Laura from being a line chef in San Francisco’s finest restaurants to her present standing as one of the most perceptive documentary film makers on the scene. Combining fresh present-tense ingredients with a deep respect and understanding for the flavored sensitivity of earlier legendary investigative film makers, she offers us this display of whistleblower Edward Snowden. Come to our viewing space at CSL – the corner of Division Ave. and North J Street. Bring an urge for shared film fellowship and pot lucked beverages. The social hour will begin in the basement about 6:30 and the viewing will begin upstairs a bit after 7:00. Corporate media delivers the news as a shadow of the truth. Director Poitras serves Snowden using a differently seasoned recipe.

Jim Robbins

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