November Discussion Films: If the truth be told

Weather report. The autumnal reds of TFC’s September picks fade to gray as the storm winds of November sweep in. As the bear of American Empire searches for a winter’s cover the clear eyes of truth come out and have their day. Around a warm camp fire tales of truth are told.
As above so below. The director’s art in Life of Pi had our young hero Pi and his willful tiger end their oceanic journey on isolated 19 degrees 45′ latitude shores. Uncanny, it was exactly this spot in the movie, 70 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, that mega Hurricane Patricia set about her overblown course on land. Likewise our three November films are persistent in their willful pursuit of nature’s truth against the constrained designs of man.
Our theme this month is “if truth be told” and for this we look at movies that seek to unreel the reality behind the illusionary curtain of Empire. This month is about power leaks at Empire’s seams. An esteemed anchor news journalist, a libertarian computer hacker and a sound crew technician all put their self’s on the line. Three ciphers look behind The Kingdom’s curtain and attempt to let the truth be told.
The November films putting their pixels to this task are James Vanderbilt’s “Truth”, Laura Poitras’ “Citizenfour” and Brain De Palma’s “Blow Out”. A Hollywood scriptwriter, a present-tense ‘cinema verite’ film maker, and a legendary psychological-thriller director give real truth a chance. So the reds of September’s selves are replaced by the storms of November’s truth. Slip into their tent and see! No Kool-aid will be served. No consent will be manufactured through the filter of Corporate States.
“Truth” opens at the Grand Cinema on Friday, October 30. “Citizenfour” will be viewed at CSL on the evening of Friday, November 6th. “Blow Out” will be shown on the evening of Friday, November 13th. Come at 6:30 for social gathering and then 7:00 film showing. The CSL building is on the corner of Division Avenue and North J Street. Consider bringing a refreshment. Contributions to a donations box will help defray the hall rental.
Jim Robbins, Tacoma Film Club Director

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