Tacoma Film Club screens BLOW OUT this Friday

November’s severe rain and wind comes on the heels of months of sunny serene NW days. As above so below and so the TFC presents three films that reveal another more turbulent side of what we see and judge. Perception takes a severe left turn as the myth of American Empire is shown to be more about troubled waters than tranquil ponds.

Shock waves and sound bites
Disassemble Empire’$ frame
Currents rush! Truths churn!

Join us for our Second Friday’s viewing on November 13th as we present Brian De Palma’s “Blow Out”. This Criterion developed DVD is not the director’s best known work by the measure of public opinion, but it has held up in the polls of film critics. It was crafted with Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow Up” in mind and there is an abundance of other film references, homages and themes sprinkled throughout. So come ready to catch what’s being pitched. Be ready to look twice and consider what’s in the shadows and what’s over our heads. Like the protagonist in “Blow Out” you might have missed something at first sight. What’s real and what’s public deception? If the truth be told what evidence has meaning and what answers lie beyond a shadow of doubt?

Show up at 6:30 for fellowship, beverages and treats. A bit after 7:00 the movie “Blow Out” will begin. Donations are gladly accepted to cover the hall rental. See you at CSL – the corner of Division Ave and North J Street. Come watch “Blow Up” and track the slight of hand of a master of physiological suspense. If the truth be told what’s real?

Jim Robbins


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