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Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs:

June theme: Under Pressure.

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Welcome to our June offerings. Remember that the Club is dark in July for vacations & such. Friday, June 3, 2016 is doubly cool since THE LOBSTER (2015) opens at the Grand Cinema, & we are screening THE FUTURE (2011) at CSL.

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The film was written & directed by Miranda July, whose real name is Miranda Jessica Grossinger. She is known primarily as a performance artist & short story writer. She has directed 6 films, four of which are shorts. Her only other feature film was YOU AND ME, & EVERYONE WE KNOW (2005), which Club members saw at the Grand, then discussed with us several years ago.

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Miranda July: “I’m not a cinephile. My films do not reference other films. I’m more interested in rhythm and feelings.”

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The music was composed by Jon Brion, who has written scores for 27 films, including HARD EIGHT (1996), MAGNOLIA (1999), PUNCH DRUNK LOVE (2002), ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (2004), SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK (2008), STEP BROTHERS (2008), PARANORMAN (2012), & TRAINWRECK (2015).

The cinematography was done by Nikolai Van Graevenitz, who has lensed 16 films since 2002, mostly in Europe, & most of them were shorts and documentaries; feature films were THE FOREST FOR THE TREES (2003), & HOTEL VERY WELCOME (2007).

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Written & Directed by Miranda July @ 91 minutes.

It stars Miranda July, Hamish Linklater, & David Warshofsky.

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Synopsis:  This romantic dramedy with Sci-Fi overtones is the story of a couple who decided to take in a stray cat–& they find themselves radically altering their life perspective,  & somehow changing the course of the time/space continuum.

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The film garnered 6 festival nominations, like the Golden Bear, but it did not win anything. It had poor box office, costing 1 million to shoot, & only grossed $568,000. IMDb gave it 6.2 stars. Rotten Tomatoes rate it at 71% Critic’s Approval & 55% Audience Approval.

Tom Long, of the DETROIT NEWS wrote: “Miranda July may be a little bit too weird for her own good–but it’s a glorious weird.”

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METACRITIC : “This is a dark & whimsical exploration of the human existence that challenges viewers as much as it rewards them.”

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Philip French of the OBSERVER wrote: “It’s parodic Sundance Indie cinema–pure, aimless, triple-brewed whimsy.”

Peter Bradshaw of the GUARDIAN wrote: “July has a distinctive vision, a bold style placed before you on a take-it-or-leave-it basis–I took it.”

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Robert Roten of the LARAMIE MOVIE SCOPE wrote: “This strange film reminds me of some stories by Kafka.”

So mark your calendars for this Friday, June 3, 2016, & join us for a screening of THE FUTURE (2011). It will be shown at the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL), the church building we rent for our events. It is located at 206 North J Street, on the corner of Division & J streets.

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Arrive early, around 6:30 pm, & join some us downstairs in the kitchen area for fun, fellowship & snacks. It is permitted to bring snacks & beverages to share with others. When you come upstairs to watch the movie, remember that no food or beverages are allowed in the sanctuary.

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There will be a donation box upstairs by the entrance to the sanctuary. All collected funds will go to pay the rent for the space, & other Club expenses. Our director, Diane Jensen, will have the TFC membership cards ($20.00 annually) for those who need, or want one.  THE FUTURE will screen at 7:30 pm, & it runs 91 minutes, so the curtain will come down before 9:30 pm. See you at the movies!

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