SIFF Reflections … (Chime In!)

Howdy TFC folk,

So we’ve been trying to engage folks with the web/blog site for a while, and in the old days of TFC there was plenty of dialogue, but things have dried up recently. So in the spirit of broadening the conversation about films beyond the TFC selections for any given month, here are some of my thoughts on the films at the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) I was able to catch this year. Especially for those that were also able to catch a film or three at SIFF this year, let us know what caught your fancy or otherwise provide some of that advance recon that film festivals are so great for!

My catch at SIFF this year (complete with reflections from the film pond):

Sweet Country

Brutal but fascinating, for those with an interest in Western history and parallels with Australia.

I Am Not a Witch

Crazy good film, like nothing you have ever seen before, or will likely see again.  BAFTA award winner.

The African Storm

Lots of hype, but the movie itself is extremely cliche. Interesting, but its twists are old news these days.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Dead Poets’ Society meets gay conversion therapy. Entertaining, a dramady with deep moments.

A Kid Like Jake

Fascinating concept, well executed for the most part, but key strategic decisions don’t pan out.

An Afternoon with Melanie Lynskey: Sadie

Local director, good solid indie. Definitely worth catching if it makes its way to the Grand or OFS.

Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary

Coming to A&E soon, if you love this series like so many of us do, it’s a can’t miss. Otherwise, miss.

Cook Off

Totally cliche and formulaic, but it all takes place in Zimbabwe, which makes it culturally fascinating.

Scary Mother

I have loved other Georgian films, but this one, well, not so much. See “My Happy Family” instead.

Leave No Trace

Great film, coming to the Grand. Same team as Winters Bone, set in PDX area. A must see.

A Rough Draft

Dumb, fun, visually insane Russian sci-fi flick with Transformers-like flying Matryoshka dolls.


Battle rap meets Berkeley PhD in musically great but completely unbelievable long-form music video.

Thunder Road

Famous short made into feature length movie. Great for about as long as a short should be, than tired.

Eighth Grade

Early Oscar contender. One of the best coming-of-age movies of recent times. Essential viewing.  (Coming to the Grand on August 4th)

Under the Tree

Dark, pitch dark Icelandic flick. Ultimately predictable, but a fun ride. This ain’t Mamma Mia.

Thoughts? Comments? Observations on films you saw at SIFF?  Comment away !!!

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