The Future of the Tacoma Film Club

TFC Community,

We’ve had some great times talking about great movies over the years but for a variety of reasons the curtain must come down for now on the Tacoma Film Club. As a result, the Tacoma Film Club is currently on an indefinite hiatus and no future events are scheduled.

The email list, web site, and facebook page will be kept alive in case some new flavor of the club emerges. Thanks to the input you provided on the recent TFC survey there is a good base of ideas to work from. Please check back here in the coming months for any updates or discussion on the future of the club.

A special thanks to the Center for Spiritual Living for being such accommodating, flexible, and gracious hosts to the TFC for all of these years. And many thanks to the directors, producers, members, and general cast and crew of the Tacoma Film Club – both past and present – for the compelling thought, diverse perspectives, dedication, lively discussion, and love for all things cinematic here in T-Town!

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