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In correspondence with Stephen Simon (Producer) he sent back his current assessment of this new film. As you can tell from his remarks this is an IMPORTANT film (hint to Producers). See his writing below: Movie Alert: WALL-E WALL-E is … Continue reading

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The Journey to Persepolis!

Well, of all the films we have selected of recent vintage—I simply loved Persepolis, but I am a sucker for coming of age movies.  I found this film particularly captivating.  I was wondering, the use of the color scenes—most critics … Continue reading

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Walk On Water

Dir:  Eytan Fox–cast probably unknown to most of us.  Well, I have to admit to watching about 12-26 movies a week–most of which I won’t reveal for fear of laughter, derision, and gufaws.  However, admist my horror thrillers, and cowboy … Continue reading

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Members:  I (RK) have changed the look of this blog.  Why?  Because one of our members made a great point–the old one was hard to read.  This form will give much more contrast and I hope solve that problem. Cheerfully,  … Continue reading

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A post by Glenn Buttkus: ============================ THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND (2006) UGANDAN PLAID The dynamic new film about the rise and eventual collapse of the regime of Idi Amin Dada takes place in Uganda in the 1970’s. There is … Continue reading

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A Scanner Darkly by Glenn Buttkus

A SCANNER DARKLY (2006)   DICK DARKO   William F. Bouroughs once remarked, “As the world moves more toward totalitarianism, drugs are an excellent way of controlling the masses. If they are addicted, they’ll become good slaves, and are compliant … Continue reading

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My Boys are Good Boys by Glenn Buttkus

MY BOYS ARE GOOD BOYS (1978)   FROM BAD TO CAMP TO CULT   This film had a kind of interesting history. In mid-1977 Colleen Meeker, Ralph’s wife, put out the word that if there were actors who were hungry … Continue reading

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