Creation, Destruction, and the Entrails of a Goat

The theme for our May discussion films was The Universe in Three Acts, and each of our three films illustrate different approaches to trying to understand some of the fundamental truths about the universe in which we live. In this essay I discuss an approach employed in the film, Le Quattro Volte (2010). In earlier … Continue reading Creation, Destruction, and the Entrails of a Goat


  Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs: Well, the wonderful May Day has come & gone, & we had nice turn out for the Tacoma /Film Club’s screening of PI (1998). The new projection equipment functioned superbly, & the fellowship was wonderful. Our Producers have picked some eclectic, intelligent films for us to see, & then … Continue reading LE QUATTRO VOLTE @ CSL

Film Picks for May 2014

The intriguing beguiling theme for this month’s movie selections: “The Universe in Three Acts”. THEATRICAL RELEASE Screening now at the Grand Cinema; opened on 04/18/14. PARTICLE FEVER (2013) Directed by Mark Levinson @ 100 minutes. This is a fascinating documentary following six brilliant physicists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider at Cern; marking … Continue reading Film Picks for May 2014