Melancholia (2011) – Approaching Death via Depression

The film Melancholia [1] begins with a lengthy prologue, set to Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, as the screen overflows with lush slow-motion images of life on earth and views of another planet. This sets a mood of celestial harmony, but also a foreshadowing of doom because, as we learn shortly, earth might be threatened by … Continue reading Melancholia (2011) – Approaching Death via Depression


Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs: The Producer’s theme for November is: “Struggling with a Plan.” Well, here we are deep in Autumn, as November & the Holidays are soon upon  us. It has been raining enough lately that we are already missing the onerous heat of our long hot summer. Get out of the … Continue reading MELANCHOLIA @ CSL


Producers’ Film Picks for November 2014 The theme for these three films is “Struggling with a Plan”. THEATRICAL RELEASE BIRDMAN (2014) aka THE UNEXPECTED VIRTUE OF IGNORANCE Written & Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu & 119 minutes. The film stars Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Zach Galifanakis, Emma Stone, & Naomi Watts. Synopsis: A washed up actor, … Continue reading PRODUCERS’ FILM PICKS FOR NOVEMBER 2014