Some of the most popular of postings were due to the inclusion of gorgeous vintage movie posters. As we ready the Club, & ourselves for 2015, the twelfth year for us, it was fun & look back at the incredible screenings we have had. I joined the Club in 2004. … Continue reading TFC PAST SCREENINGS 2004-2005

Marquis de Cockadoodle-doo

Quills (Dir. Philip Kaufman, 2000) “Facts and Fabulous Fallacies: Another (Per)Version of Sadeian Myth.” By David Gilmour. Some critics might rail against Philip Kauffman’s film Quills because it skirts the historical truth.[1] Fair enough. Important criticism of historical films can jog one’s thoughts to take a deeper look at what happened in history. Films of … Continue reading Marquis de Cockadoodle-doo

No Country for Old Men

  No Country for Old Men (2007), directed by the Cohen Brothers, provides a fascinating exploration of some serious issues regarding ethics and moral systems. The film is based on a novel of the same name by Cormack McCarthy. I watched this movie twice. On the first viewing I did not like it much. I … Continue reading No Country for Old Men