THE SOLOIST: The Rest of the Story

The L.A.Times columnist becomes an unlikely advocate and friend to a mentally ill homeless man who was once a musical prodigy. By Edward Humes April 21, 2008   LOS ANGELES' skid row, as Steve Lopez writes in "The Soloist," is the homeless capital of the nation. Hidden in plain sight just down the street from … Continue reading THE SOLOIST: The Rest of the Story


La Strada

La Strada by George Bilgere A dollar got you a folding chair in the drafty lecture hall with a handful of other wretched grad students. Then the big reels and low-tech chatter of a sixteen-millimeter projector. La Strada. Rashomon. HMS Potemkin. La Belle e Ie Béte, before Disney got his hands on it. And The … Continue reading La Strada

Kirsten Sheridan: Bold New Voice

Since this director is not widely "known", I thought folks might be interested in learning more about her..............Glenn   Kirsten Sheridan follows in her father's footsteps  Her father directed My Left Foot. Now Kirsten Sheridan has made her first Hollywood movie. Geoffrey Macnab meets her  Friday, 16 November 2007 Kirsten Sheridan's debut feature, Disco Pigs … Continue reading Kirsten Sheridan: Bold New Voice

Glenn is Discussion Leader @ The Grand

This Saturday, May 2, I will be the discussion leader at the Grand Theater for IS ANYBODY THERE?, starring Michael Caine, following the 4:15pm screening. Any of you who might be interested in attending that discussion would be more than welcome. As David, Ron, Mohsen, and Idrys can attest, it is wonderful to have club … Continue reading Glenn is Discussion Leader @ The Grand