Saving Mr. Banks

Our theatrical discussion film for January is Saving Mr. Banks, currently playing at The Grand Cinema.



Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs: November is getting a foothold now, and we live for divers sun-breaks, and the anticipation of a major turkey-tryptophan buzz in a few weeks. We have survived another episode of Daylight Savings Time, and now we can look forward to the TFC’s second screening this month, the classic … Continue reading REPULSION @ CSL


Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs: October, so far, has been so mild, this is like an extended Indian Summer; with Halloween on the eve just before our first screening, on Friday, November 1, 2013. This Friday the Tacoma Film Club is excited about showing a landmark Indie film, Robert Downey, Sr.’s PUTNEY SWOPE (1969). … Continue reading PUTNEY SWOPE @ CSL